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In Italy, the land of art and fashion, the mixture of luxurious designs and unique colors that set the Italian stamp apart from the rest, Daniellee brand was born, producing trendy – fashionable footwear. Initially, founded as a footwear brand producing shoes for ladies and men, Daniellee has since expanded into producing hand bags and few lines of kids shoes. Over the years, Daniellee has become a flourishing small business, producing fashion and comfort footwear. The company is a family owned business and rooted in a traditional craftsmanship with an excellent Italian design essence. Many years of experience made Daniellee an expert in producing stylish shoes at an affordable price. A particular emphasis on these aspects in the production brings very strong competitive advantages for Daniellee brand which will support its extensive expansion plan in near future. For past years, Daniellee selling strategy focused on shop-in-shop concept. Building upon its vast experience in the footwear market, unique products, competitive quality and affordable prices


Operating in 4 markets, with over than a 500 employees as members from the global Daniellee family. At Daniellee, we believe in human’s passion for life, they are our source of the power to improve every step we make. We are sure that having skillful, loyal and passionate employees is essential to Daniellee’s future growth. Daniellee’s new board of management, have taken the decision to build a global image for the brand, following this path, a massive focus on long-term strategic retail planning and implementing an aggressive global expansion plan. We want our products to become the 1st choice when people think of buying shoes, from all points of view; either the quality they expect, or the colors they love, or the choices they need, we work harder and smarter every day to fulfill all their needs, our customers are the kings, we serve them like kings, and we do our best to make them feel the best.

Daniellee brand’s values are built on our passion for making products which satisfies the need, the taste and the expectation of customers from us. Design – Innovation and Quality, these are the main features of all the work we do to create our values and image, to meet and guarantee the maximum level of customer’s satisfaction and loyalty to our brand

From the colors of nature, the authentic feeling of a city – to the aggressive power of today’s luxurious fashion, Daniellee gets the inspiration to visualize an idea that can be presented in a unique and trendy design of a shoe. Daniellee designers are inspired from Italian art, architecture, fashion as well as modern life. They are well aware of market demand for different types of shoes. Daniellee designers while are closely following current fashion trends, they focus on the comfort as an important feature of the shoe. All along, Daniellee pays a special attention to the continuous changes of the society mind set about today’s fashion, aiming to satisfy the taste of a wide range of customers across the globe.

Currently, the production lines are located in Italy – Romania – Portugal and China, with a limited number of styles are produced in Italy. All production lines are under the close supervision of brand experts for maintaining the brand standards at all levels and assuring the quality of products.
A strict quality control policy is followed in all the production sites “no shipment of products moves out of any factory without pair by pair, item by item inspection“.
What is DIP? Direct Injection Process is one of world’s highest technologies we use in our Footwear’s production, which guarantees a comfortable, super durable, long lasting products
A unique and fully automated process fuses the upper with the outsole without glue or stitching. Using the PU material “Poly Urethane” in its liquid format, allows it to be injected into the heated mold of the shoe’s outsole. Once the injection of PU is completed, Mold gets to low temperature which results in PU getting the strong formula and fused to the upper. Robot and/or Human precision ensure consistent finishing and quality.

Why DIP?
– The ultimate comfortable product – Super flexible product caused by upper & outsole fused as one unit – Super light product – The ability to construct the shoes based on the anatomical shape of the human’s feet – Durability & Long lasting – It forms a water tight sealed product – The sole can have a variety of colors

For Daniellee, Quality is not a one-time process, neither a step we take at the end of a production cycle, it is the key to think, to design, to create and make any product. It does not stop here, our service to customers and to the globe they all must have the quality we aim to provide. Quality is the eye we use to see the future of our production, we pay all the attention on the quality of our ideas to produce such products which presents a competitive advantage and value for our brand It starts from the quality of factories, machines, materials, processes, skills and services, all under Daniellee’s standards of QC, assuring the best of them at all times

It all started, when our brand wanted to show another perspective of care and love to our customers. As a brand we are passionate to take care of all the small details around the customer’s feet. Not only providing and producing the suitable footwear products, but analyzing the smallest details which can give the best pleasant experience while wearing Daniellee products. Working with specialists from all around the world, to find and invent the best foot solutions, after 2 years of study with orthopedists, Daniellee reach to a new way to give a special foot care products that matches and solves the most common foot aches and problems. The results, a specialized layers of In-soles, feet’s cushions, arch and heel supporting elements, that can be added to the footwear, Alleviate feet’s fatigue and provide comfortable and pleasant walking Besides, adding all the learning from our studies, to some lines of footwear, made them super comfortable, very healthy to use especially for people with certain requirements to have the matching footwear for the particular feet’s condition.
Dr. Daniellee is an additional value we give to our customers, throughout the experience they will have while visiting our stores. – A digital foot scanning machines, are installed in our flagship stores and some of our signature stores, where the customer can scan their feet, a detailed report created by the scanner, with the help of a specialized team, the customer would be recommended with a list of solutions for their feet which includes footwear and foot care products.

Dr. Daniellee Clinic,
A full treatment by a professional & skilled medical and beauty care team, who provides from A to Z foot care and solutions, ensuring a healthy and beautiful foot to any of our customers. This clinic operating at prime markets and store’s locations